Mursley United FC – announce new structure for 2015/6 Season

Following on from its recent AGM, MUFC has announced its new structure to meet its 5 key objectives over the next two years.

Details of the structure are:

Club Executive Team

Neil Coles                 – President

Roger Gurnett           – Vice Chairman & Honorary Secretary

Alex Gallon               – Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Management Committee

The 3 members of the Executive Team plus:

Daniel Wade             – Director of Football Operations

Simon Jay                 – First Team Manager

Kit Bamber                – First Team Coach

Jackie Bushell          – Head Coach

Trevor Smith             – Coach

Joint Reserve Team Managers     – Paul Hollingsworth & Chris Pittam

Club Welfare Officer                       – Deborah Robinson

Youth Development Manager       – Nigel Peat

U16 Manager                                    – Alan Baldwin

U16 Assistant Manager                  – Chris Caves

U13 Manager                                    – Kevin Robinson

U11 Manager                                    – Lee Scott

U9 Manager                                      – Roberto Rodrigues

U7 Manager                                      – Neal Root

PR & Press                                       – Justin Daley

Programme Editor                            – Tom Borland

Hospitality                                         – Sarah Knowles

MSA Representatives                     – Craig Barnes & Alex Gallon

Parent Representatives                  – to be agreed

First Team Captain                          – Steve Mooney

Player Representatives                  – to be agreed


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