MUFC to host MKDDL Youth Cup finals!

MUFC are delighted to announce that we are to host the MK District Development League’s Youth Cup finals on the 21st & 22nd May 2016 at the Pavilion & Playing fields:



Mursley Sports Association AGM for 2015

We recently held our 2015 AGM at the Pavilion.

Following our Chairman’s report on our progress to date and our accounts being signed off for the Charities commission, the MSA Committee now consists of:

The Officers:

Chairman: Neal Root

Treasurer: Alex Gallon

Secretary: Caroline Peat

Eight members from Residents of Mursley Village:

Roger Gurnett

Simon Oldham

Sarah Bonham

Richard Swain

Steven Heal

Simon Bonham

Duncan Jones

Lee Winkworth

2 MCC members:

Simon Clarke

TBC – following the September 2015 Cricket Meeting

2 MUFC members:

TBC – following the June 2015 AGM

Defibrillator Training – 16th & 20th December2014

Please see below details of our forthcoming Defibrillator and CPR demonstrations to be held at the Community Pavilion ……..


Mursley’s Own Defibrillator is in position

The AED – Automated External Defibrillator Unit does exactly what it says on the tin, easy to use and automatic, no extensive training is required.

HOWEVER, we are putting on a product familiarisation demonstration to give everyone the confidence to know what to do to take immediate action.

Pat McGlone, a highly experienced firefigher and trained first aider has kindly agreed to give a joint ‘AED’ and CPR demonstration:


When: Saturday 20th December 12 noon to 1pm (followed by a Q & A session)

Where: The Community Pavilion at the Playing Fields.

Who: All interested parties, you could help save a life.

Please reserve your place as we are anticipating a strong interest in this vital topic.

Contact Alex Gallon 01926 720045 or via e-mail:

There is an alternative session for the Community in the Village Hall at 7pm on Tuesday 16th of December. Details on